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Introduction of Exede Voice Home Telephone Service

Carlsbad, California–June 13, 2013 –Viasat Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT) is launching Exede ® Voice, becoming the first satellite Internet service provider to offer U.S. residential telephone service. The offer complements the award-winning Exede satellite Internet service, which has transformed the satellite Internet at an affordable speed of 12 Mbps using the world’s largest satellite capacity, Viasat-1.e.With the launch of Exede Voice on June 17, Viasat will begin offering consumers the nation’s first all-satellite “double-play” phone / internet with unlimited local and long-distance calls within the U.S. and Canada, plus a full suite of digital phone features. A “triple play” bundle–with internet, phone, and TV–will also be available starting at $99.99 per month.


According to Lisa Scalpone, vice president of Satellite Services, Exede Voice benefits consumers by providing high-quality home telephony services at a competitive price. “The launch represents an important step forward for our service and the Exede brand,” said Scalpone. “We have long wanted to provide our customers with a cost-effective alternative to paying for expensive landlines through the telephone company. With Exede Voice we are now able to offer a threefold show, a first of its kind for the satellite industry, and a lot for consumers for less than $100 per month.


Exede Voice and Exede Satellite Phone Service 

  • The Exede 12 Internet Clients ‘ introductory offer includes a monthly, unlimited home phone service for $19.99 to all 50 countries and Canada. There are also international tolls available in over 120 countries.
  • Prices begin at $69.98 per month for the Internet / Telephone pair play bundle and will depend on the chosen internet plan.
  • A package of popular calling functions including voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, call holding, call forwarding and call return is included at no additional cost.
  • The use of the telephone service is not counted with the Exede Internet data permit of the customer.
  • Firm customers may transfer to Exede Voice their home phone number.
  • The service consists of 911 and Enhanced 911 emergency response services and 711 access services for persons with hearing and language disabilities for Telecommunication Relay (TRS) services.


Viasat Exede 

Exede, a Viasat Inc. service, provides high-speed internet service to over 297,000 users across the United States. Exede Internet uses spot beam technology to cover about 80% of the U.S. population, powered by Víasat-1, the world’s highest capability satellite. Exede has transformed satellite Internet service to households with download speeds of 12 Mbps, which previously had a slow, poor Internet service. It is also a popular, competitive alternative to DSL and wireless Internet connections.

Exede Service led all Internet service providers included in the study to exceed advertised speed in the FCC annual benchmarking report, Measuring Broadband America 2013. At its launch in October 2011, Viasat-1 achieved Guinness World Records ® as the most powerful satellite in the world. Exede Internet is also the winner of the Innovation and Performance Edison Award 2013 and the “Best of what’s New” Popular Science 2012.


Viasat Phone Login 

 Customer needs to login Via Logon Page by entering the Username and Password, after successful login they can able to use the Viasat Phone. Incase customer forget their password they needs to use the option as “Forget password” where an activation link for reset password will reach to respective customers email address. After validation of link customer can change their password and Use the service as before.


Viasat Phone Activation 

Once you have your voice adapter, only a few connections are necessary to set up your home device.


With Viasat Voice Adapter Viasat Satellite Modem : 

  • Connect your Ethernet cable to the yellow WAN / Globe icon port of the Voice Adapter with your modem.
  • Connect your Voice Adapter to your computer or Wi-Fi router via the Voice Adapter Ethernet cable from the Green LAN / Network icon port.
  • Connect your PHONE 1/phone symbol to the Voice Adapter from the telephone cord (included). NOTE: Do not connect anything to the port “PHONE 2” if you have a Voice adapter with numbered phone ports.
  • Plug in and activate the power cord.

WARNING: If you set up a router or computer between a Viasat satellite modem and the voice adapter, the Voice and the Viasat Internet service may not work appropriately. 

Viasat WiFi Modem or Viasat WiFi Gateway 

  • Connect your computer or Wi-Fi router with the Ethernet cable with your modem.
  • Connect your modem to your phone from the phone port.
  • Connect and activate the power cord


Activation : 

  • Visit
  • Enter your name and account number for activating your service


Viasat Voice FAQ


Who is able to receive Voice ?


If you are in the continental United States (All Columbia States and the District but not Hawaii and Alaska), or if your 12 Mbps service is faster, you can get Voice. Voice for WildBlue and Exede5 customers is not currently available.


How can I buy Voice ?


Call 888-957-7111 Existing customers from Viasat Internet (formerly Exede). Voice billing begins five days from the time the Voice is ordered for existing Viasat Internet customers, and 5 days from the date of the installation of the internet service for new Viasat Internet customers, even if the Voice equipment does not activate the customer.

Calling 844 fee-too-753 fee-to-9199 is recommended for new customers.


Where can I call under the unrestricted US + Canada plan ?


 All 50 states, the District of Columbia and Canada can make local, long distance, and free calls. Calls to Festnetz and wireless and VoIP (voice over IP) lines are included. Additional charges for calls to other countries shall apply.

Is it really unlimited when you say “unlimited” calling ?

 The service is for domestic use only. There is no limit or limit as long as you use Voice for other non-commercial operations. We will monitor your traffic pattern and volume in order to determine if you are involved in non-residential uses for more than 3,000 minutes during your billing cycle. It can be terminated when the service is used for commercial or commercial purposes.


Can I purchase Voice and use it over a network other than Viasat ?


No, as a standalone service Voice is not available.


Can I use Viasat Internet with other VoIP services ?


Yes, many clients use other VoIP services with good results, and over Viasat Internet, we are not prevented from using other VoIP services. However, the use of only Voice through Viasat Internet is optimized. Additionally Voice calls will not count on your Viasat data allowance, whereas you’re Viasat Internet data allowance will count for the use of other VoIP services.


How reliable should I expect ?


Voice uses the same Internet and satellite as Viasat. Our network management and monitoring expertise enables us to maintain a highly reliable and available service.


What is Voice support for calling features ?


The voice includes Voicemail, Caller ID, Caller ID Block, Call Hold, Return, and Disable Call Waiting.

How many Voice telephone lines can I set up ?


Voice supports one telephone line per account at this moment.


How am I going to get Viasat Voice billed ?


Voice and Viasat Internet will be shown on your Viasat bill on a monthly basis.