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Spectrum is one of the most reliable home phone provider in USA. Users can always stay connected with their loved ones with unlimited calling to some regions. IT does not have any contracts, other added tax and fees. In an emergency situation 911 finds you when you make a call from Spectrum.




Spectrum home phone voice features 

Spectrum offers many features apart from unlimited local and long distance calling, it has most popular home phone features. Some of the major features are mentioned below. 

  • Voicemail

When you are unable to attend a call, voicemail records the audio file and text transcription which you will receive via email

  • Block unwanted caller

You can block upto30 phone numbers and automatically route a message saying calls to this number cannot be accepted right now.

  • Block outbound caller ID

You can hide your phone number and make it appear as private or anonymous, when you call someone, so the other person will not know who you are

  • Block international calls

You can block all outgoing international calls

  • Nomorobo

This feature helps you to block all unwanted calls from telemarketers, advertisers, political parties and other black listed parties.

  • Block anonymous calls

You can reject the calls whose caller id is hidden or blocked. Those callers will automatically receive a message that you are not accepting caller id blocked calls and it will advise them to unblock their caller id and try to call again.

  • Forward all calls

When you are away from your home or not regularly active on a particular number, in that case you can bypass all your voicemails and incoming calls to a separate number.

  • Caller id on TV

You can see the name and phone number of a person who is calling you on your TV screen while you are watching TV.

You can visit official website of Spectrum to know more about other features it has to offer.


Number of phone lines and phones


Spectrum will install two different phone lines for all residential customers. If you want more than two phone line connection, you can contact spectrum support. Spectrum uses existing wires to connect all the jacks, so there is no limit on how many phones you use 

Reliable service

As a Spectrum home phone user, you should not panic and alwaysbe connected with your loved once even when natural disaster occurs or power outage, Spectrum home phone will still work with a backup battery. In an emergency situation when you call 911 spectrum home phone provides enhanced service to respond quickly.




Does Spectrum provides home phone service ?

Yes, Spectrum provides home phone service apart from TV and internet.


Does Spectrum have voicemail ?

Yes, Spectrum has voicemail service.


How to setup voicemail on Spectrum home phone ?

  • Dial *99
  • Follow the instructions to create a four digit.
  • When instructed, record your personal greeting and customize your mailbox options.


How to call forwarding facility on Spectrum ?

You need to enter *72, followed by the 10 digit phone number including the area code that you want to forward the calls to. Then tap the call button and wait for the confirmation.

For example; *72-303-124-4444 then tap cal. 


Our technical support team are available 24/7 to solve the problems. If you have any issue, you can contact our technical support team phone number ______________. We will make sure that to solve your issue as soon as possible