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The Safari Browser Tech Support is developed by Apple Inc. Both Mac and Windows users use this internet browser very popularly. In comparison with other web browsers, the browser has a significant market share. Only Mac OS had previously been made available for Apple Safari, but Apple introduced a 2007 safari for MS Windows users.

The Windows-version Safari browser still contains some common errors that continue to annoy the user experience. Safari has little customization functionality. However, in certain features, its rival browsers are ahead. This browser is not zoomed or parental controlled or you have problems with the installation and setup of the safari browser. You may need a Safari Customer Support Number online to deal with these errors.


Installation of Safari Browser 

• Visit the Mac version website.

•Press on “Free Safari download.”

• Select your operating system.

• Click on “Download Now”.

• Run the Installer.

• The program will open after installation.

• For MS Windows version, download the installer file 

Now you have faster access to the internet. If you need some help, call Safari’s Toll-Free Support Number +1 (800) 363-6421 


How do I configure Browser Safari ? 

• After installation, the Safari app is started by viewing the web page of Apple’s welcome.

• To set up the Safari browser, press the” Tools “button.

• Click on the’ Preferences ‘ button.

• The next step is the “General” tab.

•Choose the” App Settings “option in the last section.

• Click on the “Preferences” tab for more customization options.


Need help Contact Safari Browser Support Phone Number


Safari Browser configuration: The Safari web browser “Web Surfing” can be used, but you can configure it here in the Settings app.

• Click the Home screen Preferences button.

• From the left settings list, tap Safari.

• Choose the search engine where you want to use it. You can choose Yahoo! or Bing too, but Google is a default.

• Change the settings for Auto fill to fill out web forms. The Contacts app or from the data you previously filled in on the same or the same website can draw your iPad from their contact information. To keep Safari aware of your username and passwords in certain websites, specify names and passwords.

• Decide whether you want to jump to a new tab immediately, or stay on the current page when opening the new tab and allow the tab to open in the background silently.

• Choose whether to show the Bookmarks bar all the time or only when you have saved bookmarks in the bookmarks bar.

• Fraud Warning controls a public website database to prevent websites. This switch is recommended to leave. You get warnings and a chance to change your mind before loading a page when you try to follow a link to one of these sites. Security Tab Preferences

• Close the browser and click the “System Preferences” icon on the dock at the bottom of your computer screen.

• Click on the “General Preferences” icon.

• Close the “General Preferences” icon. Usage benefits of Safari browser

• Provides quick page-load and launch.

• Has improved safety features.

• It provides incredible Mac features. Points to take into account
• There are no many options for customization.

• There are no parental checks and options for zooming.

• Configuring and installing could cause trouble.

• It often crashes and slows down for a while.

Dial Safari Technical Support Number +1 (800) 363-6421  in cases where you have issues with Apple Safari Browser.

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