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Refund Policy

Cancellation policy

Sometimes there is some dissatisfaction regarding the product or service that tend the customers to cancel service subscriptions. But it is not sure that we refund the customer’s amount he invested. Therefore go through the refund policy section thoroughly.

Antivirus Number Support give guidelines of what is payable and when and what is not. Hence it is important for the customers to read them as he cannot claim to refund any service or product.There is a certain period for the refund in which the product or the service can be refunded by the company.

Refund Policy
For the refund policy, there are some conditions when the customer is liable for claiming for refunding the services.There are situations when the company play deaf ears or take dogs years to resolve their problems. At such situations, the company is liable to refund the customer money.

Antivirus Number Support provides the customers full “cashback guarantee” when the customer is asking for the solutions for some specific technical problem and the company lack in doing so. It is the core duty of the Antivirus Number Support to fix the issues correctly. If the technical department is unable to resolve then the customer should get his money back.

Antivirus Number Support cannot ensure the days for refunding to the customers. Usually, it takes 5-7 business days to get done but if it exceeds then the Antivirus Number Support is not liable to answer for it.

The customer can cancel anytime but if the billing is done then he will not get his money back.

To cancel any ongoing service the customer should contact the Antivirus number.

Antivirus Number Support holds the authority to cancel or reject any service.

For the refund of any support service or data backup service, it is to be ensured that no failure of data backup or data loss should be there otherwise no refund will be given.

Antivirus Number Support will not be responsible and no refund will be made if there is a failure of hardware or any accessories.

It is to be noted that no refunds are issued once the transaction is made for the antivirus support virus slayer, spyware detective etc. Activation of the license must be there within 12 months of purchase and if the keys are not activated then it will gets deactivated by itself and subjected of no use.