How To fix Hp Printer Error Code : 49

How To Fix The Troubleshoot Problem with Hp Error code: 49 ?

An interaction error code generally occurs during any document printing on 49 error codes on HP LaserJet printers. If you have less technical knowledge, it could be difficult to solve problems. If you want to get instant help just call Hp tech support phone number +1 (800) 363-6421 , where the users can get the entire solution regarding Hp printer. Because of which error code you face and which error messages you see on the screen, all of you will receive the requested response.


After restarting the process, most of the error codes can be removed. But for this 49 error code, it is not necessary for such a reboot process to work. If you have already tried it, but it no longer works, try the other methods listed in this blog post.


Reasons For Getting Hp Printer Error Code 49

The issues are:

  • print commands are invalid.
  • Invalid operations impaired information transfer.
  • Errors in the database.
  • Computer-printer contact distance.

Steps to Fix the Hp Error Code:49

This blog section describes the method by which the Hp printer Error 49 is deleted. You can erase this error from your Hp printer by following this procedure.

Method -1 :

  • First, turn on your printer, then take off the inside of your HP printer the ink cartridge.
  • Once you disconnect all the cables from the printer and all the links are disabled, all of them must now be removed from the printer.
  • In the next step, you need to shut down the computer with your HP printer’s Wi-Fi connection. After that, you should leave the printer for at least 30 seconds by removing any contact from your printer.
  • Type in anything that you want. Then click Quill It on the right to paraphrase your input.
  • Then, a backup copy must be created and after that, the wireless router must activate your printer.
  • You must now check that the HP printer error code 49, exists or is being removed after this process is finished. You can verify if the error is removed or not by printing a few pages and then re-connect all the other cables.
  • This is the way that you can delete the error code 49 from the HP printer. You can use HP Printer Customer Support to resolve the problems that occur in an HP printer.


Method – 2 :

  • Switch off the printer first and then click ON.
  • Trying to print jobs from various software applications.
  • When the print job performs, return to the first program and try to print another file.
  • If the message goes on with various software programs and printed work.
  • Remove all the cables linked to the printing machine.
  • Delete from your machine all EIO phones.
  • Switch on the printer.
  • The download can DIMMs and EIO devices one at a time when the error doesn’t appear anymore.
  • Make sure that you switch off the printer and then ON back after each system is installed.
  • Replace the DIMM or EIO machine for error cause 49.
  • Remember to properly connect all the wires connected to the network or computer by the printer.
  • Replace the firmware DIMM if the error still exists. 

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