Easy Fix Outlook And Hotmail Connector Synchronization Error 4350 & 4202

Outlook And Hotmail Connector Synchronization Error 4350 & 4202

MS Outlook Hotmail connector is used for the synchronization of outlook account with an account of Windows Live. sometime a send and receive error can occur when the outlook is in the process of synchronization with Hotmail. this error may lead to the error in the process of sync and users look for steps to solve the error of this. in this article we discuss error 4350 and 4202. we will see the major reason behind both the errors along with the solution.


Cause of Outlook Hotmail Connector Synchronization Error

Error 4350

 In between the process of synchronization, The Outlook Hotmail Connector also synchronized the entire list of all blocked and safe sender. this error may happen when the address is available in both blocked sender and safe sender list.

Error 4202

 The reason behind this error code is the addresses that contain invalid characters. These invalid characters include: “! # $%*/?^_~”

Solution for the Error Code 4350

Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open MS Outlook that has a Hotmail Connector account in it.
  • Select the option Inbox
  • Click the Junk option in Home Tab
  • Choose Junk E-mail option from the drop-down menu
  • Browse the list of the address of the Blocked sender and Safe sender
  • Eliminate the address that is common from one of the lists. It’s all as per your requirement. if there is a requirement to block the address then remove that from that list of Safe sender and vice versa
  • Click Apply and Ok button to save the changes
  • Finally, click on the Send/Receive option tab and update the changes in the server


Solution for the Error code 4202

To solve this error, you need to follow the below steps.

  • Open the MS Outlook program to open the outlook profile that has the Outlook Hotmail Connector account in it.
  • Chose the Inbox, which is followed by the click on Home and Junk
  • Then choose the option of Junk Email
  • Browse the address list of the Blocked Sender and Safe Sender
  • Remove those address, which has invalid characters in them
  • Then click Apply and Ok to save all the changes
  • Finally, Click on Send/Receive option to update the modification to the server


Hope you understand the error that occurs during the synchronization of the Outlook Hotmail Connector is reported as 4350. It is sometimes reported as 4202. Both the errors indicate the issue with the synchronization of the Junk E-mail settings.


If you need any help regarding this please dial Outlook Customer Support Number