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Avast is one of the most preferred anti-virus software with excellent features like smart-scan, anti-phishing, anti-spam, firewall, browser security, etc. While the Internet security development of Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android are incompatible without the installation of Avast antivirus.


Some Exclusive Features Of Avast Antivirus :


Smart Scan :

Avast one of the most popular antivirus software with several excellent features such as smart scanning, anti-phishing, anti-spam, firewall, the security of browsers, etc. Internet security development of Windows, mac OS, iOS, and Android are incomplete without the installation of Avast antivirus.

Home Network Protection :

Very important If your router is not performing well or its connectivity is being hacked then this feature alerts you. Sometimes hackers break the security and take entry in your area. This further leads him to gain accessibility over all devices connected to router including printers, drive, phones; etc. Therefore this feature helps in cleaning all mystery toolbox, add-ons which are connected to your device without any information. The reason for this can be due to the software you have downloaded which may consist of third-party agreement or due to various malware present in your device.

 Sand boxing :

This antivirus has made the extraction of files or documents easier with the help of sandboxing. Sandboxing helps to provide a sealed place to check downloaded files. Avast pro provides a small space in your system where you can download and check your files without harming the system.

Safe banking :

It is easy for a hacker to hack your router and easily gain access to network connectivity and connect it to the fake site. During such a situation, your important activities too can be hacked. likewise, when you are doing personal banking and you log in with all necessary credentials in the fake site and easily it will be the store. Now hackers can easily access your bank account. To protect you from intruders, this antivirus provides you with secure DNS and secure zone, So further they can able to create an extra protective layer and secure financial Data.

Webcam Shield :

If the hacker has access over your network then he can easily hack your webcam and use it according to its use and can misuse. But it can be protected before it’s too late with a good antivirus program. Avast webcam shield is encrypted with all protective features and help you to protect your device from any kind of misuse.

Do Not Disturb Mode :

The most irritating can be pop-up notification, but Avast has found a perfect solution to this problem. This feature starts and halts all pop-up’s notification while you are viewing any kind of application in fullscreen mode.

Password Manager :

Many of the users use multiple accounts it’s a great task to remember the password and often people create the same type of password for all accounts, which is not safe at all. But with the help of a password manager, you can protect your password. As it stores all passwords and all you have to do is remember one master password, this helps you to securely access your passwords.

For any kind of assistance, you required while using Avast antivirus we are here for your support. You can avail of our service anytime and resolve all the issues you have been using.

When does the customer need to contact Avast Customer Service Number ?

Certain times you may fall into the trap of issue when an important task is being carried out and you have no time to fix it or taking your device to the service center is time-consuming. For those situations, we are present and assure you to provide an instant solution. Without thinking further call us and we will be present at your service and provide you reliable solution consuming less amount of time.

Here are some exclusive features of Avast antivirus :

There may be an issue in downloading the Avast Antivirus software due to fake sources or weak internet connectivity. If such a situation prevails seek help from Avast Technical support number. (+1 (800) 363-6421)

 System Impact :

Still Finding Difficulty, You can Seek help from our experts and they will guide you with all reliable solutions instantly.


Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) may appear after the installation of windows 10th Anniversary update and there may be an issue for Avast antivirus users. To resolve the problem contact Avast Technical support team and seek help from experts.

updating Issues :

Due to the presence of corrupted files or connectivity issues, you may face problems in updating the Avast antivirus program. If you require assistance in resolving this issue seek help from our experts.

Upgrading Issues :

Looking for a reliable antivirus suite? Don’t worry we will help you to choose the best one. For further assistance call, Avast Antivirus Toll-Free Number and our support team will help you in providing better details and shall give you a reliable option.

Compatibility Issues :

There may be a problem in installing Avast antivirus software if there is already the presence of other antivirus software programs. then remove the other software.

Issues during Installing :

There may be an error in the installation of Avast antivirus in your system. This may be due to the incomplete installation of the file, insufficient hardware specification and unknowingly Avast files have been deleted. Resolve your issue by contacting Avast antivirus tech support number for any kind of further assistance vast Secure DNS can’t run on this Network.

On this network, Avast Secure DNS can not run :

A complaint has been raised by many users that Avast secure DNS is not functioning in their network. This feature is only available at Avast Pro Antivirus, Avast Internet Security and Avast Premium. This feature provides safety from phishing attacks using fake DNS servers. For any kind of assistance contact our customer team and get a reliable solution.

Certain times users also face many problems other than the problem listed above. If such issues arise then Contact Avast Tech Support Phone Number (+1 (800) 363-6421) and get the best solution in a minimum time frame and satisfied results.

How To Contact Avast Antivirus Support Number ?

Avast Technical Support Group for Support and Services is available 24 hours a day. Call (toll-free support number +1 (800) 363-6421) us directly and talk to our experts. They assure you to provide full attention and hold your hand until they find the best satisfactory solution. You can also contact our team by Avast Antivirus Chat Support option. On our website, there is a window for a direct chat. You can connect with our agent there & get quick help. Therefore, always try our support and solve your problem.