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AT&T TV features over 30 live TV networks such as A&E, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, CNN, Food Network, Hallmark Channel, HGTV, Bet, NBC, TBS, TNT and more. However, AT&T already offers a television streaming service called DirecTV Now, now called AT&T TV Now, which is different from AT&T TV.

Customers can get 65 channels for $93 a month, 85 channels for $110, 105 channels for $124, as well as 125 channels for $135. The change comes as the overall pay-TV business of AT&T has seen steep subscriber losses: AT&T reported a net loss of 778,000 in DirecTV satellite and U-verse TV customers for Q2, and it is shedding 168,000 DirecTV Now subscribers, which it said stemmed from price hikes and fewer promotions.
We understand how confusing it can be to select an ideal plan that suits your particular needs with all the given options. Thereby to make the process easier for the customers, we have a team of experts who will suggest and advise the best plan that suits your needs. So rather than you spending your valuable time going through the various plan outlines and wasting your precious time on it, connect with our experts and let them help you out in choosing a proper plan that will suit you and your family’s entertainment needs.

Steps for Setting AT & T TV:

● Go to for more details.
● Click on the button “Begin your free trial.”
● By entering a valid email address and password and setting up your User ID, create an account.

Follow the instructions and enter your payment information.

● AT&T also provides AT&T Play, a low-cost, no-sports streaming service.
● You can get about 35 cable channels for just $15 months.
● Including many of those that are no longer part of DirecTV Now.

The latest streaming television plans of AT&T TV Now both include HBO. The more affordable package Plus is priced at $50 a month and includes more than 45 channels, including local stations where available. The Max package has some live sports networks for $70 a month that you don’t get with the cheaper bundle.

AT&T already offers a television streaming service called DirecTV Now, now called AT&T TV Now, which is different from the upcoming AT&T TV. But don’t worry, because when you log in to the forthcoming at&t tv app, you’ll find out if you’ve got AT&T TV Now or just AT&T TV.

To know more about the services and packages provided by ATT TV, connect with us. Our experts have done all the groundwork for you regarding the price and package, as well as the terms and conditions regarding the plans and the contract. Our sales team will also let you know of the various promotional offers going on (if there are any) so that you can make use of them. Hurry up and let us help you in finding the best entertainment package for you that meet your entertainment need.