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Max Global Support is committed to providing software support in the USA and Canada to a wide range of products like personal computers, printers, phones, IPads, routers and other peripherals. We also provide support for email troubleshooting as well as technical support for Windows, Mac as well as antivirus software. Use Our Toll Free Technical Support Number and We are here 24/7, 365 days to help you through your technical issues so that you can check off things from your “to do” list. Our skilled online technology experts have long worked in the industry of technical support and provide the best possible satisfaction for their customers.

Our development of all the conveniences for our customers brings their experience of online technical support to a new height. We suggest simple yet highly effective modes of communication, including Live Chat, Toll-free Tech Support and Customer Service Phone Number, Email. We use an authenticated enc remote access stream.

As far as security is concerned, we offer facilities and electronic tech support in Canada and the United States to professionals who carry out activities that keep you miles away from any danger or risk. Our commitment to our clients has us working around the clock throughout the year.

Max Global Support provides support for almost all tech-related products that are used by customers around the world. Diagnosing and fixing PC issues, addressing browser issues, troubleshooting peripheral problems, addressing most of the email application issues used, providing broad support for digital devices, and offering Windows services were our strengths. Our security experts are also excellent at speeding up your device with the aid of effective performance tuning.


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Find quick solutions to all your PC relates issues.

  • Slow Computer 
  • Malware, Spyware & Virus Removal
  • Application Installation & Removal
  • Browser Installation/Removal
  • Update Software and Drivers
  • Fix Modem Router Issues
  • Fix Internet Issues
  • Update Software and Drivers
  • Crashes & Freezes

Computer Optimization :

With time, the PC will start running slow as you download more and more programs in it. The best way to restore your computer speed is to tune it manually where you can remove junk programs, optimize your boot items, and clean up unnecessary files on your hard drive which if not done in the proper way,can also lead to loss of all your data. Our tech experts at Maxglobal will guide you through it step by step and ensure that you get your PC back fast and optimized.


Printer Problems :

Printers are like those moody, reliable friends we have. They are incredibly reliable except for when they are having one of those days where their mood keeps swinging from sunny to cloudy. Similarly, our printers, too, can have one of those cloudy days when they act like they have a mind of their own and refuses to budge — bringing all your work into a pause.This can, so say in the least, delay your work. Our swift service and expert help will ensure that your printer stays happy, always just like how we strive to keep our customers happy.

 Remote Virus Removal :

 Viruses and malicious softwares are nightmares for any computer users. Though there are many antivirus/malware softwares available in the market, not all of them are effective and easy to use. Our experts at maxglobal will advice on the best antivirus to use according to your needs and assist you through the process of installation and easy usage of the antivirus software for maximum effectiveness. our technicians are well versed and updated with all the leading brands of antivirus softwares.


Efficient and Reliable System Repair Online :

Through our online computer repair solution, you’ll get instant access to a PC expert who will help you solve any problems you’re facing. Our technicians are trained  to help mobile PCs, we solve your problems in real time! Whether you have a virus, experience slow system, have update issues, or are unable to browse the web, count on our experts to assist you. Max Global support is just a phone call away, wherever and whenever you need it! Experience the confidence that comes with on-demand PC solutions and book on-line computer repair with one of our U.S.-based support technologies now.

The affordable price for Max Global Help in the USA and Canada is your promise to deliver the exclusive solution to every single technical glitch. We provide mobile technology assistance for software applications and Internet problems. We are proud to let you know that our remote assistance offers 100% protection provided by an encrypted network. It is a strong indication that we keep all the data stored on your computer or device completely intact.

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